Johnny Russell ExperienceJohnny Russell Type of Behavior

Helping others avoid the “Johnny Russell” experience…

From the moment I found out I was going to be an uncle, I knew I was going to have to protect my nephew from “Johnny Russell.”

I started to write my story.

After finishing the book and witnessing the extent of denial and enabling within my family, I had no choice but to publish it.

I quickly learned that is not just my nephew or family but anyone who comes into contact with “Johnny Russell,” that is at risk.

From what I have been able to uncover, it is now a clear public health and safety issue.

With that in mind, your story is important to us in helping put a stop to his abuse.

Please contact us with your story and know all submission will be confidential, unless you authorize us to publish them.

Together we can put an end to this type of predatory behavior…

Your story may help someone else avoid having a “Johnny Russell Experience,” and put an end to his abuse.

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