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How it all started

How far would you go to protect your family from a deeply painful truth? All David’s life, he was treated as if he were expendable. Raised by a doctor who valued wealth, education and social status above all else, David was made to believe he failed to live up to his father’s standards, despite his best efforts. This conditioning created a deep longing to be valued and that, coupled with his unwavering love for his cherished grandmother, led to David’s introduction to Johnny Russell.

For over a year and half, David became Johnny’s beard and cleaner. He lied for him, protected him and enabled him, descending into a world of drugs, prostitution and excess that few people see.

Still unwilling to tell his family the truth about Johnny, but hating himself for his part in Johnny’s secret life, David was only able to shake off his conditioning after suffering a near fatal motorcycle accident and being in a coma for twenty days. In that coma, David crossed from this plane to the next and saw the light — literally.

The experience transformed and strengthened him. He awoke vowing to change his life and be a better man.

But at what cost? While a cautionary tale about blind family loyalty, This website is ultimately part of a personal redemption that will hopefully prompt others to reflect on their core relationships, the terrible cost of secrets, and how they value the gifts they have been given in life…

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